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Welcome To Hermes Great Estate.

Thank you for choosing Hermes Great Estate – your investment partner in the UK, nationwide.

We are an experienced property consultancy company. Hermes Great Estate was created as a cooperation between managers, real estate businessmen and professionals. We don’t simply list properties, daily we strive to accurately choose only the best properties available for sale, researching fair pricing and excellence with each of the properties we market being characterised by the perfect blend of all the ingredients that make a great property: above average net yields; superb locations; uncompromising quality and unmatched levels of customer service.

We guide our clients through all aspects of the purchase process and are able to assist with, Contracts, Currency Exchange and Solicitors to mention a few.

The strength of Hermes Great Estate comes from our long-term experience and our investment in team members. Our advice and knowledge is passed on through personal experience and not just read from a book. It is through this continued commitment to training, services and experience of dealing with hundreds of clients that we are able to identify their needs and real estate investment and beyond.

About Us.

Once you enter into a relationship with Hermes Great Estate you become a professional member of our business network. As with any professional network you enjoy benefits – this starts with having a dedicated Manager who will remain with you throughout the length of your collaboration with us and successfully assisting you to achieve your investment goals.

Unlike other companies promoting buy to let properties or student accommodation globally we are not just selling property. Instead after every successful sale we aim to provide a complete tailored solution for all our customers needs. Therefore Hermes Great Estate has a long-term program that continues to attract many customers and agencies throughout the world. Our experience and commitment to our business partners is the basis of our success. We commit to building a successful working relationship with you in order to greatly enhance your UK portfolio.

We offer a broad range of services focused on real estate that, we are sure, you will not find in other companies: We consider ourselves as a boutique consulting firm, as we offer highly specialised advice that addresses specific aspects of this business. The solutions that boutique consultants might offer tend to have a more immediate impact, being studied on the single client personal needs and possibilities.


Our vision is to be a customer centric company with our profession being to do much more than just deliver value to our clients. Through exceeding the expectations of our customers in providing customised and committed service throughout our organisation, departments and individuals to achieve successful customer focused outcomes – making us the service provider of choice for Real Estate in our core market areas.

Therefore our mission consists in what we are going to do in order to deliver:

  • Provide the most comprehensive and unmatched menu of real estate services in today’s market, providing exceptional opportunity and value to fulfill our clients’ needs.
  • Maintain our longstanding, professional reputation by building lasting relationships which far exceed any single transaction.
  • Utilize cutting-edge technology, while consistently maintaining the human connection, whether our clients need to buy or sell a home, invest in real estate, or simply get GREAT real estate advice.
  • Educate our clients about the real estate process, making them completely comfortable.
  • Integrity – Including doing what we say we are going to do
  • Peak Performance – Achieving superior results through stretching our capabilities
  • Pro Actively Change – Inspire others to see a better way
  • Equal Equity Relationships – Developing relationships that focus on creation of value for all parties
  • Responsibility – Taking full responsibility for our actions and results, being accountable
  • Provide all real estate options by our “out- the- box” thinking.
  • Respect for others roles and responsibilities

Selected Properties.

Here we list the properties we actually consider unique and attractive in terms of location, conditions and quality. Specific properties can be researched and selected upon detailed request of the client. Note every single property has already been visited, inspected, valued and has passed a quality check control before being admitted to our listing.

In our services section you can read about the care and attention we pay to the quality of the properties we deliver, therefore each one will be also subject to an official survey by a qualified professional, before completing the conveyancing.


We offer an unrivalled number of services to our clients, before, during and after the purchase of a property.

Each client is special to us, and so we try to provide the best and complete assistance in relation to every aspect of the purchase process and following management of the property:

  • We set very high standards for our due diligence, which is rigorous and comprehensive, confirmed by a formal survey, drafted by an Italian professional duly registered with the competent Association.
  • We provide legal, fiscal and corporate professional advice in real estate.
  • We provide the client with precise knowledge and management of the different conveyances related to each property, supervising their completion.
  • We select only prestigious properties with high specification and quality, mainly with priceless historical value.
  • To help clients realise their wishes, we provide advice on ideal property selection.
  • Our experience and luxury real property industry knowledge enable us to analyze the right solutions from our clients’ perspective.

Professional Assistance.

We take into consideration the fact that all our clients are different and thus have different needs. In our requirement analysis we want to get to know you better in order to find the desired property match. Questions of particular interest are the underlying investment reasons, the expected time horizon of the investment as well as the type of property wanted. Unlike most firms, we don’t just focus on one aspect of property investment. Our highly experienced team has a wide range of skills so we can provide you with a complete set of property services under the one roof. Not only are we your finance broker and your property sales advisor, we also offer legal services, tax planning, conveyancing, financial planning, insurance, as well as numerous other services.

The benefits of having all your property investment professionals working together as a team cannot be overstated. You may be used to acting as go-between for your lawyers, brokers, and real estate agents, wasting your time and money as you rack up billable hours just trying to get them to communicate. At Hermes Great Estate, you can relax while we take care of all the aspects of property investment.

Our streamlined, in-house process will not only save you time, effort, and money, but also take the stress out of property investment as we help you to take care of all the details.

The services that we provide include:

  • Risk insurance, including: Income protection, Total and permanent disability, Trauma insurance, Life insurance, Business interruption insurance, Cashflow management.
  • Property legal advice
  • General legal advice
  • Retirement village unit purchases
  • Wills
  • Powers of attorney
  • Letters of administration
  • Estate administration
  • Property sales
  • Tax planning
  • Company establishment, including: Proprietary limited companies, Discretionary trusts, Unit trusts.
  • Investment property finance
  • Home loans
  • Conveyancing – sales and purchases
  • Financial planning

If you are looking for non-obligatory advice regarding real estate investments please do not hesitate to contact us or leave us a message with your contact details– we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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